Amazing April Discount "MJAA20"
Amazing April Discount "MJAA20"

7Pcs Makeup Brush Kit - Eyes And Lips Beautifier Brushes Set, Premium Synthetic Eye Liner, Applicator, Shadow, Lip Liner, Filler, Blush And Eye Groomer Makeup Kit (Red/Silver)

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• Soft and gentle synthetic bristles
• Ergonomic handles for comfort and control
• Helps apply makeup evenly and flawlessly
• Improves the precision of makeup application
• Applying foundation, concealer, and powder

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Lip liner brush - Premium synthetic fiber hair lip liner brush allows you to get a precise application of product when lining the lips. You can put the lip brush in a pocket, wallet, or purse, and easy to use. This exclusive brush is equipped with a small, tapered point that allows you to easily swipe color and gloss " inside the lines." A sleek brush designed to apply lip color and gloss. Lip filler brush - The Lip Filler brush's curve pointed tip comes to a firm point for a precise & controlled application, allowing you to line the outer rims of your lips for extra definition. Professional Lip Filler Brush is perfect for precision application and depositing lip color while creating definition. A longer brush handle allows for fluid strokes of lip color and expert control. Tapered-bristle brush allows for controlled application along the lip line. This lip brush can be used with any lipstick, lip cream, or lip gloss! Blush brush

 1. Start by washing your brushes with a gentle cleanser once a week. This will help to keep bacteria and dirt from building up on your makeup brushes.
 2. Once your brushes are clean and dry, use the right brush for the right job. A flat foundation brush is best for applying liquid foundation, while a smaller brush is better for applying cream blush or contour.
 3. To apply powder products, use a fluffy brush that can pick up and distribute the product evenly. 
 4. Use a light, circular motion when applying makeup with a brush, as this will help to blend the product into your skin.
 5. To finish, use a brush with natural bristles to blend and soften the makeup. This will help ensure a smooth, professional finish.
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 GENDER:- Unisex
 COLOR:- Multi-Color

EAN Code-: 8105317096769

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