Amazing Discount "MJAA10"
Amazing Discount "MJAA10"

Majestique Long Handle Comb With Tail Comb Set, Detangling Comb for Curly, Teasing, Parting Comb, Wet, or Dry Hair in All Types - 2Pcs/Black

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  • Dynamic Duo for Precision Styling: Majestique long handle comb with tail comb set is crafted to meet diverse hair styling needs with precision, ensuring a seamless grooming experience.
  • Versatile Wide Tooth Comb: A shampoo comb, also known as a kanga, is a broad handle wide teeth comb that is perfect for detangling curly, damp, or dry hair. Its anti-static, heat-resistant design is suitable for women of all hair types, allowing for gentle detangling without breaking.
  • Everyday Grip: The wide-tooth structure and big handle provide a comfortable grip, making it an important tool for everyday use. Say good-by to tangles and hello to effortless style.
  • Professional Parting Pin Tail Comb: The professional parting pin tail comb is made of heat-resistant material and can withstand temperatures of up to 450°F, making it ideal for styling with hot tools. The extra-long, fine-toothed steel pin tail allows for precision parting, sectioning, teasing, and shaping.
  • Multi-use Versatility: It's a multi-use tool ideal for all hair types that goes by numerous names such as tail comb for hair style, rat tail comb, or parts hair comb. Its versatility makes it invaluable, providing a polished and professional finish.
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Majestique Long handle comb with tail comb set, a dynamic duo designed to meet all your hair styling needs with precision and care. This set includes two versatile combs crafted for various hair types and styles, ensuring a seamless and effective grooming experience. The large handle wide tooth comb, often referred to as a shampoo comb or kanga, is perfect for detangling curly, wet, or dry hair. Its anti-static and heat-resistant design make it a go-to choice for women with all hair types. The wide-tooth structure ensures gentle detangling without causing breakage, while the large handle provides a comfortable grip, making it an essential tool for everyday use. Complementing the wide-tooth comb is the professional parting pin tail comb. Crafted from heat-resistant material, this comb can withstand temperatures up to 450°f, making it ideal for styling with hot tools. The fine-toothed, extra-long pin tail allows for precise parting, sectioning, teasing, and styling. Whether you're maintaining a sleek look or detangling intricate styles, this comb is a must-have. Known by various names like tail comb for hair styling, rat tail comb, or sections hair comb, it is a multi-use tool suitable for all hair types. Its versatility makes it an indispensable part of your styling routine, ensuring a polished and professional finish every time. This comb set is not only practical for personal use but also makes for an excellent gift for anyone who values quality hair care tools.

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