Amazing Discount "MJAA10"
Amazing Discount "MJAA10"

Majestique Silicone Bath Brush with Bath Belt - Easy Clean Suitable for All Skin Cleaning, Bathing Loofah, Bath Scrubber, Bathing Sponge - 2Pcs/Multicolor

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• Revolutionary Bathing Addition: Majestique silicone bath brush with silicone bath belt transforms your bathing routine with revolutionary features for an enhanced experience

• Versatile Bath Brush: A body cleaning brush designed for easy cleaning, this bath brush suits all skin types, functioning as a loofah silicone, scrubber, and sponge, silicone brush, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable bathing session.

• Dispenser Feature: The standout feature includes an integrated dispenser with an 80-ml soap scrubber, eliminating the hassle of soap bars and providing a convenient, mess-free bath accessory experience.

• Extended Back Scrubber: The extended length of the silicone body back scrubber offers a double-sided design for deep cleaning and massaging, back rubbing brush bath body brush ensure a thorough and invigorating shower experience.

• Gentle on All Skin Types: Crafted from gentle silicone material, this bath brush is suitable for all skin types. It's not just a tool but a complete bathing solution, combining functionality with convenience to elevate your daily shower routine into a spa-like experience

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Majestique silicone bath brush with silicone bath belt, a revolutionary addition to your bathing routine. This bath brush is designed for easy cleaning and is suitable for all skin types. Its versatile features include functioning as a bath loofah, bath scrubber, and bath sponge, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable bathing experience. What sets this bath brush apart is its integrated dispenser feature, which provides an 80-ml soap scrubber for convenient and mess-free bathing. Say goodbye to fumbling with soap bars; this innovative addition ensures a seamless and enjoyable cleaning process. The silicone body back scrubber, with its extended length, offers a double-sided design for deep cleaning and massaging. This ensures a thorough and fascinating shower experience, promoting both cleanliness and relaxation. The silicone material is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all skin types. The Majestique silicone bath brush is not just a tool; it's a complete bathing solution that combines functionality with convenience. Upgrade your daily shower routine with this multi-functional bath brush, making each bath a spa-like experience. Treat yourself to the luxury of a deep clean and a soothing massage, all in one innovative product. Elevate your bathing experience with Majestique.

Key Ingredients:  Silicone

HOW TO USE:  Wet the Majestique silicone bath brush and apply your preferred soap or body wash.

• Take advantage of the integrated dispenser feature by filling it with an 80-ml soap scrubber.

• Utilize the extended length of the silicone back scrubber with its double-sided design.

• Reach your back effortlessly for deep cleaning and a rejuvenating massage during your shower.

• The silicone material is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all skin types.

• Experience a soothing and gentle touch as you cleanse, ensuring a comfortable bathing routine.

• Elevate your daily shower routine with the Majestique silicone bath brush, a multi-functional tool.

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